“Private planet" - concept house

“Private planet" - concept house

Energy saving house - this concept is very popular in many countries in recent years and many people  want have such one.

Only a few people go further in their discussion on the topic - "hmm, what interesting thing is this energy-saving construction!" However, the nature itself hurry up us that we should not just talk about, but also act!

Some facts about environmental:

  • Up 2. August 2018 the humanity is living in debt (Global Footprint Network). For Germany it was on 24th April
  • Till the year 2030 we will need two Earths amount of natural minerals (water, food, hydrocarbon). Today – “only” 1,7
  • Till 2025, the 50 countries will have problem with drink water. More than two billion people worldwide rely on wells for their water today

As result above- lack of food and water worldwide and it price raises in EU

The last few years planet has unpredictable forecast: hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, fires of unprecedented power has covered everywhere. Anomalous heat is established in areas where it has never been and abnormally low temperatures, where it has always been warm and comfortable.

In addition, the problem is that the planet "slightly" feverish, but in the future, according to the scientists' forecasts, the nature will be "more interesting"! The scientists in the whole World came to conclusion, that we must be ready for real severe winter in Europe with temporary temperature - 25 degrees! This is not horror that has finally happen about the small ice age, but it is talking about the normal climatic cycles of our home - Earth. Moreover, this will be the norm for several years. These climatic cycles many years ago influenced the course of the Gulf Stream, snow, storms and other things came to the continents along with a change in the course of the Gulf Stream. The current cycle change is not an exception now.

At the same time in South of our planet, we observe abnormal heat, which is increasing each year. Which led to a shortage of drink water in many countries.

That is why many people need to think about: however, my home is really my "fortress"? Can it defense my family and me? Watch the video with Hurricane Irma. And you will see, what she has done with ordinary houses. And in a relatively calm European region the situation is also not well. Despite of modern methods of energy saving technologies, buildings expect a serious temperature test this winter. Moreover, certainly all construction will spend significantly more heating energy

Our Concept

If you build new construction, you need total different approach to all aspects of buildings and to the energy independent first!

Our team has developed its own full energy independent building project, which includes:

1. Complete energy independence from all external energy sources, including water supply (it is possible to produce water from condensate on air). It means that even by extremely strong storm, low or high outside temperatures your building will live its usual life without any damages, even if neighbors constructions will lie in ruins.